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Save and access your passwords and codes everywhere!

With Keyfence you can access your passwords and records wherever you go.
It works on all platforms like your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Use on multiple devices

Access and manage records on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Keyfence utilizes the strenght of being a web-based application. To use Keyfence simply open your favourite browser on your prefered device and and navigate to No app to download wich means no device restrictions!

How to use Keyfence?

Learn more about keyfence in this video tutorial!

Keyfence passwordmanager is lighweight and easy to use. Get to know Keyfence and its features by watching "How to use Keyfence".

Create records and folders

Create your records containing usernames, passwords, login information, codes or other data which you would like to store and access online in a secure manner.

Share your records

Share your records or folders with friends or with your team. You control who can see, edit and share your records with other users.

Secure access

All your records and information are encrypted and secure.

Use on multiple devices

Use Keyfence on your computer, tablet och smartphone. Access your passwords anytime and anywhere.


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Keyfence product packages

Keyfence is 100% free of charge! Choose between the basic and the premium package below.
The premium package offers unlimited usage of all features.
Basic FREE
per year
  • Limited Records
  • Limited Folders
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per year
  • Unlimited Shares
  • Unlimited Records
  • Unlimited Folders
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